Simplify your event management processes

Online Permission Slips

Fieldtriq allows caregivers to give consent for their children to attend a field trip or camp online from their phone or computer.

No need to chase up students or print out permission slips, as everything is handled in the cloud for you.

Custom Consent Forms

As part of our online permission slips, you can customize the consent form for parents to collect the information your staff need to manage their events.

Parent Dashboard

Parents and caregivers can keep up to date with their child's field trips through our online dashboard.

With the Parent Dashboard, they'll never have to call the school office again!


Fieldtriq gives you a wide range of reporting features for your events, such as student rolls, medical and allergy lists, or incident forms to print out and keep on hand.

Staff Accounts

Staff accounts lets your teachers or volunteers create their own events and self-manage the entire Fieldtriq process. Your administrators oversee their events, giving you greater insight into how they run their events.


Keep track of who needs to pay and how much money your field trip will generate.

Let parents pay online through our parent dashboard, helping improve your field trip cash flow and preventing money getting lost on the way to school.

File Storage

You can upload files to your events to be shared by all teachers, such as paper permission slips, reciepts, invoices, or any other information relating to your event.


Say goodbye to endless email chains that go backwards and forwards between staff!

Staff can easily discuss and share ideas and suggestions for field trips and camps through our trip forums.


Fieldtriq is a global web application where your staff can manage their events from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, making it perfect for overseas trips.

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