Permission slips for the modern school

Fieldtriq helps schools, churches, and youth groups efficiently organize their camps and field trips for parents and staff.

No need to print out forms, as we'll take care of everything.

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We Make Field Trips Simple

Whether you're a school, kindergarten, non-profit, or scout group, Fieldtriq can help organise your field trips more efficiently.

Easy to integrate

Fieldtriq is designed to easily integrate within your existing planning processes, reducing staff training time and costs.

Happier Staff and Parents

Parents can say goodbye to permission slips and paper forms, saving them time and saving you money.

Plan field trips and camps without the hassle

Fieldtriq is an online platform designed to help you and your staff collaborate and plan upcoming field trips and camps for your classroom, kindergarten, or youth group.

Fieldtriq can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection — from your laptop in the staff room, to the camp site on your tablet.

“Fieldtriq has saved us so much time by not having to send out permission slips to parents. We can receive trip fees and consent from parents within hours of publishing our events.”

Designed to keep parents in the loop

Say goodbye to consent forms and chasing up parents. Parents and caregivers can manage their child's upcoming field trips from our online portal either at home or on the go.

Parents are kept up to date with an overview of the field trip, where they can give their permission for their child to attend, pay any associated fees online, and contact the trip organizers.

No permission slips to send out, and no need for students to bring money into school. It's that simple.

“My darling children always forget to give me notices from their teachers, but now I can log in on my phone and see their upcoming trips all at once. No more digging around the bottom of their backpacks!”

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